A-Z Challenge Reflection


I am just doing a quick reflection of the A-Z challenge. I learnt so much stuff going through peoples blogs, but doing a challenge opens you up to yourself. Here are a few things which were clarifies to me on my A-Z Challenge journey.

  1. There is always time to do anything; you just need to find the motive to make the time
  2. Doing a challenge with others is a great motivator
  3. It is inspiring to know that other people appreciate your work, even if it is something as small as an opinion
  4. Planning ahead saves so much time (in blogging and in life!). Having a few posts queuing up allows you to get on with your other life projects
  5. There is not enough hours in the day, which is why so many decide to use the hours in the night (sometimes to get things done, sleep must be sacrificed)
  6. You can make a blog about anything. When I first started blogging I thought it was important to make sure you picked the most popular area of your topic. Someone is always interested.
  7. Research is fun and it is needed every now and then, but pages of text are not the only way to make a successful blog post. This challenge made me realise I can put up a picture, or a quote- as long as it is relevant to the theme of my blog.

Overall I realised blogging is hard work, but I’ve never been afraid of some of that.


2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Reflection

  1. These are some great observations. I especially like #1; my husband always says we will make the time to do what is important to us. Congrats on completing the challenge!

    • Thanks for commenting =)

      Its true but its one of those things someone can tell you over and over, but you don’t think much of it until you do it yourself.

      I’m glad your husband is there as a reminder

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