Yerby, Frank: Author of Historical Fiction Novels

Frank Yerby


Yerby was born in 1916, he was an African American novelist known for historical fiction. He’s best work is he’s novel “Of The Dahomean” (1971, later republished as “The Man from Dahomey).

His stories are action packed and include characters of ethnic backgrounds. Despite his success, he had been criticized for not focusing on racial problems through his fiction. He’s answer to this was that readers needed to be amused and not preached at, which I agree on. During this period there were a number of activists fighting for equality and to have the voices of the minorities heard, their contribution was necessary, however not everyone needs to be a spokesman. Surely being a novelist of an African decedent was enough to prove to the community that a novel from a black man could be as popular as the best selling novels circulated during these periods, such as Gone with the Winds by Margaret Mitchel.


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