Vashon, Susan: A teacher for her Community

Susan Vashon



Susan Paul Vashon was born in Boston, 1838.

  • She graduated as the only coloured girl in her class  and valedictorian
  • Her mother had died when she was young, and she was brought up by her grandmother. When she became a mother she directed her children with personal guidance and wise caution.
  • Reading her story showed me she was a woman for her community, leading by example and setting a path for other women to follow. She had a strong education behind her, more than what the average woman in her situation had,  yet instead of selfishly shielding her gifts, she opened her arms and spread them to others who would not have been looked at a second time.
  • The following text shows the different ways she empowered those around her.


The home, the church, and the community were the workshops in which she created. The mother’s club to guide young girls, the Book Lovers’ club to develop literary taste, the Women’s Federation to accomplish a higher womanhood and the church were the fields in which she led and moulded thought and proved herself to be one of the most useful and cultured women of her day. 




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