Nzipo: Abandoned children finding shelter

In the 1800’s illegitimate children were likely to be abandoned. There were cases were the single parent would bring up their children, however this is an era where an increase in children charities occurred, and organisations such as the Foundling hospital and Barnardo’s were found, in order to ease this social issue.

With such an increase in immigration, it was very rare for interracial relationships to occur, however relations did occur amongst black and white men and women, although if made public they would have been  a disgrace. If any of these affairs or relations resulted in mixed race children, it was likely they were to be abandoned.

John Nzipo is a young person who found shelter at Barnandos during the month of March 1887. Dr Banardo, who founded the children’s home, wrote an article about the diversity of young people who were taken into his rescue home in Stepney, welcoming any homeless child regardless of race or colour.

8 thoughts on “Nzipo: Abandoned children finding shelter

    • Very true. It is horrible to think what happened before these organisations, but even today children are abandoned, its sad, like you I cannot imagin what someone must be thinking to neglect their own child.

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