Molineaux: A slave turned Boxer

Molineaux was a bare-knuckle boxer who was a success in both England and Ireland.


He was born in 1774 in Virginia, U.S, as a slave. His father trained him to be a boxer. He entertained plantation owners by boxing. After earning his owner a large sum of money through a bet he was granted his freedom and moved to England.

Molineux’s first fight in England was on 24 July 1810. Pierce Egan, a writer,  who was present at one of Molineaux fights in Oxfordshire said the boxer stood five foot eight and a quarter inches tall.

Molineux’s boxing career ended in 1815, and he died penniless in Ireland, 1818.


[Image taken from Google Images]

3 thoughts on “Molineaux: A slave turned Boxer

  1. In his last illness Molineaux was taken care of by three black soldiers of the 77th Regiment, which was stationed in Ireland at the time. According to a newspaper, he died in the arms of one of these men ( they’re described as belonging to the regimental band, and were probably drummers – it was normal for a fashionable regiment to have black drummers.)

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