Lala: Extraordinary Acrobatic

Miss LaLa

Lala Lala2

[Left: Image of Miss Lala; Right: Painting, by Edgar Degas,  of Miss Lala performing in Paris]

  •  Born in Poland, 1858
  • She  became a wirewalker and trapeze artist, known as Miss Lala
  • She performed at the Westminster Aquarium, London in 1879 and at the Cirque Fernando, Paris
  • She was known for her extraordinary act which was her elevated nearly seventy feet into the circus’s domed roof then suspended solely from a rope clenched between her teeth
  • The artist Edgar Degas (1834–1917) attended many performances at the Cirque Fernando, and studied Miss Lala, creating the piece of art above as a result.


[Images taken from Google Images]

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