Resistance and Rebellions: A little Introduction

Yes, the British Empire were the first to Abolish slavery, however, lets remember there was a time where the British Empire lived, and breathed this trade, so much they became the dominating nation in this. The first people who thought to take action were black people, true Africans, from the powerful to the enslaved, these people saw their fellow brothers and sisters being exploited by the Europeans, and took action to put an end to the slave trade. The most popular forms being resistance and rebellion. Because of these people, it became clearer to the Europeans that the slave trade was wrong, and these were most likely the baby steps leading up to the end of the sick trade.

Although many main figure heads exsist, such as L’Overture, Nanny and Cudjoe, Nzuga Mbemba and Quamina, there were millions more who took action, either by rebelling on the actual slave ships, or on the plantations, and even the house slaves who acted as the information point in order to help plantation slaves. There is no denying the black people truly united and fought for justice for hundreds of years before the first abolition act.

I do find these ‘figureheads’ interesting, with each having their own personalities and different way to help their fellow people escape slavery, and even their own attempts to stop slavery as a whole. Many of these individuals acted before the 17th and 18th Century, I will be doing several posts on these ‘figureheads’ which will be titled:

R&R: Name of Individual

The R&R standing for Resistance and Rebellion, as each post is put up, hopefully the list of names below will also be updated and linked to the post on the individual.

Nanny And Cudjoe

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